10 actors with massive real estate portfolios


(STACKER) – Famous actors seem to have it all—looks, wealth, talent, and prime real estate in beautiful locations around the world. Their homes feature every amenity and luxury. For some actors, though, real estate is about more than an enviable estate or mega-mansion, it is an investment that marries their love for home and their entrepreneurial spirit. These actors have taken their passion for prime properties and turned it into a serious side hustle.

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UpNest compiled a list of 10 actors with massive real estate portfolios using various news, entertainment, and real estate sites. Among them includes an Oscar-winning actor who rents his Palm Springs home for several thousand dollars a night to visitors wanting to experience a bit of glamour; a film star with commercial properties that include a well-known restaurant with several locations around the globe; and two actresses who have made a significant profit…

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