Do videos generate more revenue for your business?

Do videos generate more revenue for your business

How Videos Can Increase Your Business Sales Revenue

Adding videos to our marketing mix will make the message more effective. Are you wondering why? The reason is that demand for media like video is on the rise in today’s era. Not only does a video present our story dramatically and emotionally, but it also brings in higher audience engagement. 

Since people watch more videos on smartphones and computers daily, video’s significance is rising rapidly. On average, Internet users spend more than 2.5 hours daily watching videos. So to increase sales revenue of your business you can create videos professionally with the help of an easy to use online video editor which provides you with the premade templates, transitions, effects, free music etc. 

Let us move forward how videos can help business to increase sales revenues :

Why should we use videos to increase sales?

From B2B to B2C companies, every brand includes videos in its business strategy. Here’s why:

  1. It displays the product– Maximizing sales depends on how well we showcase our product to potential clients. When we sell online, customers are likely to be doubtful about what they buy because they cannot examine the product in person before buying it. Though images of the product can mitigate their doubts to a certain extent, a video works miracles to provide extra peace of mind to customers before they make a purchase. According to research, nearly 96% of shoppers rely on videos to make informed online purchase decisions. B2B buyers consider videos one of the top three helpful content for purchasing products.

  2. Direct purchase through interactive videos– With the availability of shoppable interactive videos online, people can buy something directly from within the video. Interactive videos contain clickable points that direct customers to the website’s checkout page. It allows customers to click and buy anything they like within the video. Therefore, distractions are fewer, which leads to an increase in sales.

  3. It contains SEO benefits– Besides increasing sales directly, videos also contribute to maximizing sales through improved search engine ranking. If we have a video anywhere on the website, such as the home page or product page, it will increase the duration a visitor spends on the site. According to a study, roughly 4.3 minutes is the average duration people stay on a page without video(s). However, pages that contain videos can make visitors stay for an outstanding duration of 6 minutes or even more! Several SEO experts opine that Google’s algorithm uses dwell time as an effective factor for ranking pages. Therefore, having videos on the website will come in handy for increasing organic traffic and spending less on non-performing PPC advertisements.

  4. It imparts a human element– Videos can make customers love products while they connect with them. It is possible by humanizing a brand where we can make a video showing the faces of the people behind our businesses. Another alternative could be to show what happens behind the scenes to customers. Such videos help retain trust and brand loyalty among clients by offering insights into the brand operations.
  5. It reaches a broad audience– Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter that get the most significant amount of online traffic also include videos as a part of their feature. Therefore, if we post videos on these sites, we can target a broad audience. For example, according to the latest studies, people spend approximately 26 minutes daily watching videos on Facebook, and 82% of Twitter users watch video content.

  6. It generates better leads– Videos are remarkable for improving lead generation. We should capitalize on the viewer’s interest while our brand, service, or product is still fresh in their minds. To do this, we have to include a clickable button for call-to-action at the end of the video(s).

  7. It improves conversion rates– The usage of videos in several marketing campaigns has increased conversion rates by 34%. It occurs because videos are engaging, incite trust among customers, and enhance the time a visitor spends on our page.

How do we increase sales using videos?

Though video marketing effectively increases revenue, some videos are unsuccessful in garnering traffic in the competitive market. Do not worry, as we have listed some tactics below that can help you ensure that every video is fantastic and helps to increase sales.


  1. Length of the video: Remember that the length is not a secondary factor. Since viewer attention spans a minimal duration, we must put only relevant information (maximum four significant pointers) to arouse interest and entice customers to learn more about the brand, service, or product. Primarily, one to two minutes is the optimal duration of the engagement.

  2. Convert blog text into a video: Turning blog posts into videos and uploading them will increase traffic and sales. It stems from the fact that video marketing has enormous potential and is highly effective for a business. Did you know you can convert articles to videos manually through easy-to-use video editors? Not only are they user-friendly, but also budget-friendly.

  3. Capitalize on YouTube: Since YouTube is the second most-visited website, we should post videos there if we wish to drive our sales revenue. As you know, doing it is not an extremely difficult process. Setting up an account on the platform for free and using a free online video maker to create and post multiple videos is undoubtedly straightforward. In addition, we can also use YouTube to host a video while embedding it on the platform. A significant step is to optimize our video so that we can stand out from the competition. Incorporating keywords in the title and description, tagging the video, and creating an attractive thumbnail will increase viewer engagement and consequently boost sales through the video.

  4. Develop shareable videos: It is an already known factor that the more engagement you receive through your video, the better your chances of success. However, videos need to be shareable. According to studies of viral videos, specific factors contribute to this shareability. People share videos that convey a story, evoke emotions, or do both simultaneously. Moreover, too much promotional content in a video can negatively impact people. Therefore, ensuring that a video is in line with the particular channel’s criteria is important if we wish to make it shareable across various social media platforms.

  5. Personalization: Creating personalized videos helps gain popularity with both consumers and marketers. For example, the famous computer manufacturer, Lenovo, quadrupled their click-through rates when they sent personalized videos to customers in their email list as a part of their holiday campaign. Likewise, a global supplier collaboration platform named Tradeshift witnessed a 231% enhancement in page views while creating personalized videos.

  6. Mobile Optimization: Since several consumers (around 34% as per recent statistics) now watch videos on mobile devices, we should optimize our videos for such viewers. Therefore, it is important to ensure that our videos respond to various screen sizes and depict meaning even if they are played mute. The second factor is vital in the case of Facebook, where nearly 85% of all videos are watched without sound.

  7. Call-to-action: Including a call-to-action button is a primary catalyst for increasing sales through videos. A video will never convert if we do not tell viewers what to do next and where to go next. Different ways exist for including call-to-action in videos. While some choose to do it verbally onscreen, others may like to opt for text messages.

Wrapping Up

So, are you prepared to start using video in your business strategy? Be it using videos for demonstrating your services or products or generating revenue from selling video content like online courses, there is no alternative to boosting your long-term business growth.