Real Estate Mogul Leona Helmsley to be Made Subject of Documentary


In recent times, Hollywood productions have been attempting to flip the script on many stories told about women in the public eye. So far, it’s been entertainers including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson who have been receiving documentaries that inspected how the world mistreated them over the past two decades and beyond. Now, a celebrity of a different kind is getting her story retold. Variety reports that audiences will be taken on a deep dive into the world of real estate top dog, Leona Helmsley, in a project helmed by Keith Robert Patterson (All About Ann).

Mostly well-known by her nickname, the “Queen of Mean,” Helmsley was a revered figure in the real estate biz, specifically in New York City. Her number one competitor was Donald Trump who tussled with Helmsley on more than one occasion over specific properties that she owned in Manhattan, including the Empire State Building. She fell from grace seemingly overnight when Rudy Giuliani

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