Essential Perks Your Next Employer Needs To Have

Essential Perks Your Next Employer Needs To Have

When looking for your next role, you must consider the perks and benefits each potential employer offers. Although your main focus should be the role and what work you’re going to be doing, the benefits that an employer offers can indicate how well staff are looked after there and also how well you’ll enjoy that environment.

Currently, the international job market is very competitive for employers. This is because in many industries more roles are available than applicants. This has created a unique situation where job seekers have more choices and thus need to base their selection on extra factors like the perks that are being offered.

When looking for jobs, here are the perks you should ensure that your potential employer has. You won’t find suggestions like a Ping-Pong table; instead, these are actually useful benefits.


Not all businesses have an HR department; instead, management deals with all the tasks that would usually fall to HR. You should avoid this at your business, as a lack of HR can be detrimental to your progress as an employee.

A good HR department means that you’re likely going to have a more structured and planned onboarding experience, as HR will be able to manage that. HR also allows you to offer suggestions, and many also implement plans to help you grow.

Not having HR can mean that you miss out on all these benefits.

HR doesn’t have to be in-house; many companies use external HR agencies that help businesses. Before applying, ensure the HR agency is local to your business, as this allows them to provide more robust support. So if you’re looking for work in northern England, make sure they have the HR Dept in Doncaster or another nearby city.


One perk that can really make a business stand out is any contributions to your healthcare. The best businesses will offer private healthcare packages that enable you to get the support you need quickly. Others may give you money off for certain procedures, such as optician appointments and physio.

Offers like these say a lot about a business, as it clarifies that employee welfare is important. Businesses that offer healthcare support may be less demanding and potentially less stressful places to work.

Another good benefit that’s related to healthcare is gym memberships. This can help workers be more active and stay fit.

Flexible Working 

Any business that’s not offering some form of flexible working in 2022 is outing itself as not being a forward-thinking organization. Plus, it may also imply that the management of that business may be overbearing.

The majority of roles can be completed at home or remotely, especially with the digital technology that most businesses have. Flexible working can mean a lot of different things. For example, it could mean that you have core hours that you need to work but then also have the ability to start late and finish late. Flexible working can also mean a few days working at home a week, or that you’re entirely remote but do have office space if you’d like to use it.

Flexible working gives members of staff choices and can lead to a better work/life balance that can result in higher productivity and happiness. If you’re expected to be in an office 9 to 5 and you don’t think it’s necessary for the role, then it may be a bit of a red flag.


Many businesses can partner with other companies in their community to offer their workers discounts at certain stores or restaurants. This can be beneficial as it helps reduce the cost of living, especially if these discounts are for shops you use a lot.

Be sure to consider how valuable these discounts are to use. Having money off a premier clothing brand and fast-food place might be nice, but it may not be as useful as a discount on public transport or the local supermarket.

Plus, the places that the business has been able to get discounts for may also demonstrate the personality and culture of the business. If all the stores are ‘edgy’ and cool, it may give you an insight into the type of people you may be working with.


Every business is going to offer some benefits and perks. Make sure that the businesses you’re applying for offering the right ones that are genuinely useful to you and make for a better working experience. Doing this will ensure that your next role is a good one.

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