Uptown real estate market is hotter than ever |


Uptown Martinsville is undergoing a metamorphosis with properties changing hands at rate unprecedented in recent memory, and new people with new ideas are leading the transformation.

The three largest property owners of the uptown area are the Martin, King and Pearson families. As a matter of full disclosure, the Martinsville Bulletin rents the building at 19 E. Church St. from the Martins.

While the Pearsons operate the Shindig Uptown Bistro at 37 E. Church Street uptown, and the Martins continue to market and rent their buildings, The Kings have begun divesting themselves of their real estate holdings.

“We need to retire again,” said Dr. Mervyn King. “We enjoy traveling, and my wife is recovering from a coronary artery bypass, so we decided to get rid of some property. It’s less maintenance.”

Over the past year, the Kings have sold buildings to Natalie Hodge’s Elevated Milestones LLC, Jeff Sadler’s Burch Building LLC and…

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