YouTuber Omi in a Hellcat could face 500 years in prison for $30 million piracy scam


Bill Omar Carrasquillo, also known as ‘Omi In A Hellcat’ on YouTube, has been arrested by the FBI during an investigation into several fraud and piracy scams. 

The creator has over 792,000 subscribers on YouTube, gaining popularity by showing off his countless luxury vehicles, priceless jewelry, and dozens of properties around Pennsylvania.

Some of his side-projects have been investigated by the Department of Justice, leading to Carrasquillo and two other men being indicted with federal charges.

Omi operates a website that provides broadcast TV channels for a pay-as-you-go fee. The legality of the website has been under investigation for some time, as seen in a video posted on his channel back in June.

Omi arrested during federal piracy and fraud investigation

On September 21, the federal government indicted Omar on a total of 62 counts, including 19 counts of public performance of a protected work; six counts of wire fraud, among other…

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