Youngkin vetoes seven more bills, including eviction measures | Govt-and-politics


Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Friday vetoed seven additional bills, including identical measures from two Richmond lawmakers meant to aid indigent people who appeal evictions from public housing.

The governor faced a midnight deadline to act on bills he unsuccessfully sought to amend during last month’s veto session. Youngkin signed 23 of the remaining bills and vetoed seven.

“While most of these bills were returned to me in an imperfect form, I firmly believe they offer a bipartisan path forward,” Youngkin said in a statement.

“However, select bills required essential changes. Therefore, I have vetoed seven additional bills that would not be in the best interest of the Commonwealth as my recommendations were not adopted.”

Youngkin vetoed bills from Sen. Jennifer McClellan and Del. Jeff Bourne, both Richmond Democrats, that would have removed the requirement for an indigent defendant  to post an appeal bond while appealing an eviction from…

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