Year-end reminders for commercial real estate

Michael Chase

Happy new year! It may only be the end of October, but for commercial mortgage practitioners with loan closings that can take between forty-five to sixty days, it might as well already be year-end.  With a few rare exceptions, most new loan requests are likely to fund in early 2022.

With the new year approaching fast, here are some items we’ve been keeping an eye on and discussing with our clients.

Opportunity Zones

The general rule is an Opportunity Zone should not be the deciding factor for a transaction, but it can still have the potential to make a good deal better. For investors seeking Qualified Opportunity Zone investments to help defer taxable gains, December 31, 2021 is an important deadline. This is the last date for investors to qualify for a five-year hold and a ten percent step-up in the basis of their initial investment. The last deadline was December 31, 2019, which would have allowed…

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