Xi Jinping’s successor likely to be biggest question for CCP as it turns 100, say experts

File photo | Chinese president Xi Jinping | Wikimedia Commons

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New Delhi: Political succession will be one of the biggest questions for the Chinese Community Party (CCP) going forward, according to experts who spoke during a webinar hosted by Australia-based think-tank Lowy Institute Wednesday.

Titled The Communist Party’s big birthday, the webinar came ahead of the CCP’s 100th anniversary on 1 July. It featured three experts: Steve Tsang, director of the China Institute at SOAS University of London; Chris Buckley, China correspondent for The New York Times, and Melinda Liu, Newsweek‘s Beijing bureau chief based in the Chinese capital.

According to Tsang, it is unlikely that Chinese President Xi Jinping will name a successor at the 20th Party Congress in 2022. He added that being viewed as a successor in the Politburo is a very “politically vulnerable” position, as…

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