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A well-timed app launch sets the scene for telco’s success

Digital transformation made easy The company’s head of operations, Chuthan Kanagasundaram says it was necessary to give customers a mobile-friendly option to recharge their phone plan without needing to venture outside of their homes. Determined to make it as easy as possible, Lebara Mobile set out to add new digital payment options that were seamless on mobile. This included adding PayPal both as a payment option and also as the platform managing all payments within the app. This change in payment platform led to an improved online payment experience for Lebara’s customers. “We wanted to simplify the recharge journey to a few clicks and make it easy for customers to pay on the go without the need to visit physical retail stores to recharge. We were also looking for a payment platform that worked well on mobile devices,” he says. “Now, customers can click on a payment button, set up a payment type and enable a ‘remember my payment’ function to make the process easier each time. The tech upgrade has made the recharge journey possible with just a few clicks,” Mr Kanagasundaram explains. “Our customers like the fact that there are no lock-in contracts and they have complete freedom

Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus cases surpass 700,000

MEXICO CITY (REUTERS) - Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus caseload rose past 700,000 on Monday (Sept 21), according to updated data from the health ministry officials, along with a reported death toll of 73,697. Authorities reported 2,917 new cases, bringing the total to 700,580, along with 204 deaths on Monday, but the true figures are likely significantly higher due to little testing. Mexico has the fourth highest number of deaths attributed to the pandemic. Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who has been the public face of the government's coronavirus strategy, has conceded that the real number of cases in the country is significantly higher. Lopez-Gatell argues that the outbreak in Mexico has shown signs of slowing over the past couple months, however. "We've now seen seven consecutive weeks of a downward-sloping trend," he said at a news conference Sunday, referring to the rate of infections, hospitalisations and deaths. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was criticised early on for minimising the health crisis, still encouraging families to go out to restaurants even as other countries were imposing lockdown measures. He has very rarely used a mask in public. Related Stories: 

Who is Amy Barrett, Trump's likely supreme court pick?

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the leading contender for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's US Supreme Court seat, is a darling of conservatives for her religious views, but detractors warn her appointment would shift the nation's top court firmly to the right. In 2018, she was on the shortlist presented by President Donald Trump for a seat freed up by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, a position ultimately filled by Brett Kavanaugh after a ferocious confirmation battle. At just 48, her lifetime appointment to the bench would ensure a strong conservative presence on the panel for decades, but her background - the antithesis of "RBG," the champion of women's rights who died last week - is a new flashpoint in an already polarised country. A practicing Catholic and the mother of seven children, including two adopted from Haiti and a young son with Downs Syndrome, Barrett is personally opposed to abortion, one of the key issues dominating the cultural divide in the United States. After a childhood in New Orleans in the conservative south, she became a top student at Notre Dame law school in Indiana where she later went on to teach for