World War II US veterans recall flying aid to China


Veterans and officials from China and the United States on Tuesday celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Flying Tigers, American pilots who flew for China in World War II, as a historic example of better relations and cooperation.

The online event came the day leaders of the two countries held a summit by video link at a time when ties have sunk to a multi-decade low due to conflict over trade, Taiwan, human rights and other issues. “Our remembrance of the Flying Tigers today is to build a bridge of communication and friendship between China and the United States,” said Zheng Jianbang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, an umbrella body for non-communist entities allowed by the government.

Relations face a “serious test,” said the Chinese ambassador to Washington, Qin Gang. He pointed to the Flying Tigers as an example of cooperation for tackling global issues such as COVID-19 and…

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