World Peace Forum Beijing – China and Europe Panel Session


Thank you for that introduction.

It’s great to be on a panel with Nicolas and Luca.

And to have someone as well-versed in European affairs as Professor Zhou to keep us in order today…

In fact I’m sure your wisdom lies behind the makeup of this panel, Professor Zhou.

Because you will have heard my Prime Minister say on many occasions that Britain has left the European Union but it hasn’t left Europe.

That would be impossible. Culturally, geographically and politically.

So I speak today as a proud European.

Representing NATO’s leading European member state: the biggest defence budget of NATO’s European members.

And this year, of course, my country holds the Presidency of the G7.

As Luca’s holds the Presidency of the G20.

And our two countries share a responsibility later this year for bringing the world together to act on climate change at the Glasgow COP.

So I’m looking forward to this discussion and to your…

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