World Diabetes Day: These startups in the UK are racing to shake up diabetes care


One of the major health concerns across the globe, diabetes is growing at a fast rate. This global epidemic impacting a large chunk of the population across the globe has affected over 60 million people in Europe alone. Accounting for 1% of the global economy (more than $1 trillion), over £10 billion per year is spent on treating diabetes and its complications in the UK alone.

While top companies such as Google have developed AI models that can detect diabetic retinopathy with a level of accuracy on par with human retinal specialists, there is a new generation of healthtech startups that have taken the lead in using technology to bridge the gap in managing diabetes.

As we marked World Diabetes Day on 14 November this year and with over 4.9 million people in the UK having this condition, it’s never been more important to address its prevalence, its future. According to a recent report, nearly 7% of Londoners have diabetes, with Harrow being the…

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