Women’s Political Committee Blasts St. George for ‘Sexist’ Comments


The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee is taking developer Ed St. George to task for what the organization called “egregious and sexist” comments he made about City Councilmember Meagan Harmon and her political ambitions. 

During a recent podcast interview with journalist Josh Molina, St. George, a frequent critic of Santa Barbara’s elected leaders and City Hall staff, suggested Harmon, now running for reelection to District 6, was overextending herself by serving on both the council and soon the California Coastal Commission while also working as an attorney and raising young children. As talented and well-liked as Harmon is, St. George said, referring to her as “the girl we all had a crush on in high school,” she ought to take a five- to seven-year “pause” in her career to focus on her family.

In a prepared statement of solidarity, the Committee lamented that St. George was “given a platform to share…

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