Women of color eye historic firsts nationwide in races for mayor, governor, US Senate

BOSTON — In the birthplace of the American Revolution, women of color are making new history.

For the first time in 199 years, a Black woman is leading Boston, and all the candidates in this summer’s campaign for mayor are people of color, including four women.

“It’s an incredible, incredible time in our city’s history, in our country’s history,” said acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey in an interview with GMA3.

“What I think is unique about our leadership is that Black women have always had to make a way out of no way. That is just what we do. It is what is in our DNA,” said Janey, who in March broke Boston’s long succession of white Irish American or Italian American men leading City Hall after former Mayor Marty Walsh joined Joe Biden’s Cabinet as labor secretary.

The nationwide movement for racial justice that erupted after the murder of George Floyd last year has galvanized women of color chasing political power in state and local races from Seattle to…

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