Woman says she’s been scammed out of nearly all her money


By Jason Allen

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    FORT WORTH, Texas (KTVT) — Bev Burnett has always enjoyed taking a bit of gamble. Quick trips to the casino allowed her to escape for a bit. She even hit a $10,000 winner in Louisiana, but never the giant jackpot, which may be why when the phone rang in January she ignored the red flags.

“You know I just, I wanted it to happen so bad, to be true, I went with it,” she said.

The man on the line said he was with the IRS and she had won a $1.8 million sweepstakes but never collected. He mentioned she had been sent some letters about taxes and winning several years ago and she recalled receiving something.

She bought gift cards, passing on the numbers to Mark, the man who called. She passed on credit card and social security information. She opened new bank accounts, and became one of the thousands of Texans over 60 to become a victim of financial…

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