Woman Learns How Typical Patterns And Excuses Of Online Love Scammers Are Showing Up In Her Relationship


Nancy says she’s certain that her online boyfriend of a-year-and-a-half, “Shaun,” is real. She says that she’s only communicated with him on the phone and over text – but never seen his face – but that he’s become the “light” of her life. Nancy says that even though “Shaun” only lives two hours away, he had to leave for Dubai shortly after they met – and is now stuck there because he doesn’t have $20,000 to pay – and that’s why she’s never met him in person. In the video above, Dr. Phil explains to Nancy some of the red flags he sees in her relationship – and how some of “Shaun’s” behaviors fit typical patterns and excuses of online love scammers. On Tuesday’s episode, “‘Talk to Dr. Phil or We’re Done!’,” hear from Nancy’s son and daughter-in-law, who say they’re convinced Nancy is being scammed and have cut her out of their life. Then, on Wednesday’s episode, “Catfish Controversy: A…

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