Winner and Loser of the Week in Florida politics — Week of 10.31.21


At a news conference described as more of a campaign rally last week in West Palm Beach, Gov. Ron DeSantis came out swinging after the crowd began chanting, “Let’s go Brandon.”

The phrase began making the rounds in October after a race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. As NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast tried to interview NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, the crowd behind him chanted something heard clearly.

Stavast suggested the crowd was saying, “Let’s go, Brandon!” The crowd was actually shouting, “F**k Joe Biden.”

“You have a reporter from NBC,” DeSantis said. “She’s trying to cover for Biden, so she says they’re chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon.’ It was a lie.”

Yes, if you listen to the tape, it’s easy to hear what people were chanting. In a split second on live TV, Stavast — in my opinion — tried to bring a little levity to a vulgar moment while doing her job.

But “covering for Biden?” C’mon,…

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