Windows 11 – Latest update degrades performance under AMD processor, fix on the way


While computers running Windows 11 AMD processor experience a performance drop, the latest system update makes the problem worse.

Last week’s users PC under AMD processor They were warned that they were recording a file Low performance under Windows 11 Compared to Windows 10.

AMD has confirmed the problem, which refers to working with Microsoft teams in Precision of this problem.

And the most important thing is that Latest update for Windows 11, kind of Patch Tuesday, driving the point home exacerbate the problem. Performance under AMD processor is Even more at half mast As noted by our colleagues at TechPowerUp.

On October 19, a L3 cache latency error It must be fixed via Windows Update while installing a file UEFI-CPPC2 problem It will be sent to him via a patch that will be released on October 21.

Obviously, if you have a Windows 11 compatible laptop that is equipped…

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