Will it turn out be the next flashpoint in geopolitics after Ukraine?

In the backdrop of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Chinese ambitions in the Indo-Pacific have raised concerns over whether the eastern European script could play out in this region. In recent years, China has been circling Taiwan, coming uncomfortably close to the island nation during its naval and air exercises. Communist China claims self-ruled, democratic Taiwan as its territory while Taiwan (officially called the Republic of China or RoC) stresses its independence.
Amid the escalating tensions between the two nations, whose ties are the “worst in 40 years” according to Taiwan’s defence minister, US President Joe Biden has stirred worry after claiming that America would go further in its assistance to Taiwan in the event of an attack. Biden said that the US is prepared to defend Taiwan militarily if attacked (by China), assistance the US has held back even for Ukraine.

When prompted further by a reporter at a news conference in Tokyo, Biden…

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