Why you may be more future-fit than you think


Lars Lehne of Incubeta argues that the most critical changes in business are the ones we made before 2020 .

I’m not one to make big bold predictions. I’ve been playing this game too long to not know better. If there’s one thing being a business leader in tech teaches even slow learners like me, it’s that the future belongs to the open-minded. It’s a natural human instinct for us to want to look ahead and imagine a world when the fall out of the pandemic is behind us. But by focussing too much on what’s ahead, we lose the wisdom we can gain by taking stock of what’s happening now.

So, what can we learn from …. well: what we’ve already learned?

For one thing, horrendous as these last 18 months have been, I’ll stick my neck out and say we can count ourselves lucky in two important respects: the technology we had available when disaster struck, and the responsiveness of the global economy.

Imagine an epidemic of this scale just ten…

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