Why Tony Robbins, tax shelters and financial advisers don’t mix — Scam Guards


Next time a self-help guru like Tony Robbins walks into a room full of financial advisers, say at an industry conference or a meeting of one firm’s advisers, think of your clients, whisper “namaste” and head to the lobby bar.

That’s one lesson gleaned from a private arbitration complaint filed a year ago by investors Craig and Michele Waterman, who worked with and are now suing a former financial adviser, Ajay Gupta, who had close ties to Robbins.

Robbins reportedly praised Gupta in a 2015 book, and according to Michele Waterman, singled the adviser out during at least one Tony Robbins event.

Sure, it may feel grand for investment professionals to rub shoulders with the likes of Robbins, whose motivational events feature wealthy folks pumped up on endorphins walking across a bed of fiery coals.

After all, who doesn’t need a little bit of self-empowerment during tough times, particularly right now as the country emerges from the…

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