Why The U.S. Economy Will Build Back Differently


There was a milestone in the American economy last week. In Seattle, a young woman attended a movie in person in a theater. She and her friend were the only ones there, and they were vaccinated and double-masked, but after more than a year away from in-person events, the milestone was monumental for the young woman.

The young woman was my daughter. The movie was Demon Slayer. The theater was so empty that she eventually asked the projectionist to turn the sound down because there were no other attendees to absorb the gigantic movie effect noises. But, now that she and her friends are vaccinated, she is determined to move toward a semblance of normal.

The vaccine is allowing this scene to replay in millions of similar events around the nation. But even as the country is opening back up, the initial euphoria of a rapid and expansive reopening…

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