Why the bond market has become jumpier


JAMES MADDISON was sure he had scored. As his free kick arced over the wall of Arsenal players, a goal seemed certain. Somehow Arsenal’s goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, got a hand to the ball and kept it out. “Best save I’ve seen for years,” said Peter Schmeichel, a former goalie. Others noted a crucial detail. Before the ball was struck, Mr Ramsdale was on his toes, his weight distributed evenly, ready to jump in either direction. By keeping perfectly balanced, he made a wonder-save possible.

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Balance (or the lack of it) matters in financial markets, just as in football. A market in which bets are slanted in one direction is vulnerable to a big swing in prices the opposite way. Where positions are lopsided traders can be wrong-footed by even a tiny change in sentiment or in the news. Some of the recent volatility in…

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