Why medical real estate in the US is a highly sought-after sector to make money in right now


RYK VAN NIEKERK: OrbVest is a niche international real estate company offering investment opportunities in commercial medical properties in the United States. OrbVest allows investors to invest directly into individual properties and earn dividends in dollars. Martin Freeman joins me now. He is the CEO of OrbVest and talks to us from New York.

Martin, you are in the Big Apple. What is the mood like at the moment, with Covid concerns seemingly fading quite slowly there and the US economy showing some very promising growth?

MARTIN FREEMAN: Hi Ryk. Thanks for having me on your show today. Well, the update from New York and the US is that Covid is, as you say, pretty much behind us, and things are back to normal – obviously notwithstanding a potential curveball from the Delta variants. We’re in the middle of a beautiful hot summer. It really does feel like the entire America has exploded back into action. Everyone is talking about travelling…

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