Why Infrastructure Investment Could Be Just What RE Investors Need


The Biden administration wants to plunk down about $2.3 trillion, but the GOPโ€™s head man says $800 billion would be plenty.

The subject is infrastructure spending, and the object is to revitalize Americaโ€™s roads, rails, electric grid, water systems, and more. The “more” is a big sticking point in these big plans, with Biden and the Democrats also adding in hundreds of billions to, among other goals, bolster caregiving for elderly and disabled Americans and to renovating and retrofitting more than 2 million homes.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, says $800 billion is enough to go around, up from the $568 billion first put forth by a group of Senate Republicans in response to the White House proposal put forth as the American Jobs Plan.

Some points of agreement on what constitutes infrastructure

The negotiations may be picking up steam this week, and even the smaller amount favored by Republicans could still have a major effect on…

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