Why Implementing Ethical Phishing Campaigns Aren’t Enough to Protect Against Data Breaches


Have you checked your spam folder recently? Chances are some of the junk emails may contain threats to your private information. Emails are an essential form of internal and external business communication especially with the increase in remote work. Phishing is a common threat that comes in these messages.

This type of cyber-attack attempts to acquire private details, typically log-in credentials, through a spoofed web page which appears legitimate to trick users into entering sensitive information. Phishing comes in many different forms, and email is one of the common methods used to phish people.

In January of 2021, 245,771 phishing attacks were reported, yet not all of these attacks were successful. When they are successful, it means payday for scammers, and they will go to great lengths to overcome current cybersecurity. People are a direct source or route to sensitive information. For this reason, they tend to be the targets of…

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