Why China Will Be The Winner In The Geopolitics Of Climate Change


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Welcome to Tuesday, where tensions escalate as hundreds of migrants at the Poland-Belarus border, Austria reintroduces restrictions to curb a new COVID wave and an 83-year-old sets a new record on the Appalachian Trail. Meanwhile, Worldcrunch’s Hannah Steinkopf-Frank (a human) takes a look at rad robots around the world.



Business is business: Why Bolsonaro’s days may be numbered

Business sectors fear the now less popular President Jair Bolsonaro’s bid to retain power will pave the way for another “red” government under Lula da Silva, writes Marcelo Cantelmi in Buenos Aires-based daily Clarín.

Brazil is presently like a candle burning at both ends. The populist government of President Jair Bolsonaro is increasingly rejected by poorer voters and the middle class amid an economic crisis. This is hurting his popularity rates and thus, reelection…

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