Why Bitcoin is one step ahead of financial institution



Cryptocurrency is spreading its roots in every economic sector today. Blockchain has proven its worth, from trading in the financial market to providing security to a government organization. Visit (https://immediate-edge.co/) to get a deep analysis of bitcoin trading. Bitcoin is the most preferred and highly valued digital token of all time. The price of Bitcoin does not fluctuate much, even in the Covid 19 pandemic.

Countries like El Salvador will place Bitcoin in the central reserve of the nation as it pulled them out from the great depression by injecting liquidity. Today Bitcoin is seen as the best alternative against the central banks because of its unique features and flexibility.

Generation of additional currency

Generating new tender in fiat currency is not a cup of cake as the government needs to put valuable assets against it, which can be tangible or intangible. These assets mainly include gold, silver, platinum, and valuable…

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