Why Amazon filed a lawsuit over an AirPods text message scam


The text message scam about winning Amazon raffles is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by Amazon on Tuesday. The company announced they had filed a federal lawsuit against 50 unnamed individuals for fraudulently using Amazon’s brand, logo and web design to unlawfully profit.

According to the Verge, by pursuing legal action, Amazon aims to leverage legal means to identify scammers while discouraging further scams.

What’s the scam this time?

The Amazon raffle scam is coming through SMS text messages promising a fake prize with a claim link for people to follow. The fake prize can include Amazon pods, AirPods, or a fitness watch, among other things, The Sun says. If individuals follow the link, it shows a realistic-looking but fake Amazon webpage with a pointless survey.

  • According to Verge and Amazon’s statement, the scam aims to trick innocent people into buying cheap products they think are from Amazon.

In 2020, the Better Business Bureau

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