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Real estate mentors can have a significant impact on an agent’s profitability at the beginning of their careers, but is it an option for everyone?

Traditionally, real estate agents had three choices for help in the first stages of their careers:

1. Jump into the deep end right away at the risk of drowning in a sea of rules, regulations, and information.

2. Attempt a “quick start” program but suffer the hefty up-front fees and lack of hands-on experience.

3. Pay a large commission split to a busy real estate team with little time for training or mentoring.

It is possible your new brokerage will assign a mentor that will provide extra guidance early on. You may also consider hiring a mentor outside your brokerage. Still, it will take some time to find the right person to develop that mentor-mentee working relationship at an affordable price.

Here are the benefits of working with a real estate mentor:

Industry Expertise
An obvious benefit of…

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