Who is Leading the Race?


With countries across the globe rushing against time to vaccinate their populations, vaccine diplomacy has now become a key component of geopolitics. Several countries, like China, Russia, and India, are engaging in vaccine diplomacy. This new diplomatic tool will have a substantial impact, given the unequal distribution of vaccines across the globe.

It has already become evident how China is seeking to leverage its COVID-19 vaccines to gain soft power. According to the New York Times COVID global tracker, China’s Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines have already been administered in a total of 55 countries. Additionally, China’s Foreign Ministry recently announced that Beijing is donating vaccines to 69 countries and selling the inoculations to 28 other countries. Collectively, China has already sent 114 million doses abroad. Besides more geopolitical power, Beijing hopes to obtain a large economic benefit from these donations and sales.

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