While you’re shopping online, e-skimmers are going after your credit card number

You’ve probably heard of skimming at a gas-station pump when crooks steal your credit or debit card number, but it can also happen when you check out while shopping online.

This cybercrime is known as virtual e-skimming or form jacking and it happens without you even knowing it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping online soared, and with all that spending, scams followed, causing major financial losses.

The FBI said $1.8 billion was lost to e-skimming and similar online thefts last year.

“If you look at in just 2020, it has been reported the highest monetary loss, among all the different crimes that are reported to the FBI,” said Jay Patel with the FBI.

With the help of a cybersecurity expert at Source Defense, the FBI created a fake online vendor to show you how hackers steal your information as you shop online.

“This problem exists on virtually every website on the internet,” said Matt McGuirk with Source Defense.

The company’s new…

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