While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, April 24


Covid-19 patients die on trolleys outside Delhi hospital

Straining against his weight, Shayam Narayan’s brothers haul him from a rickshaw onto a hospital trolley in India’s capital New Delhi. Only a few minutes pass before they are given the news: He is already dead.

Narayan is one of the latest casualties of a second wave of the coronavirus sweeping across India. His brothers had first brought him to the hospital at 6am on Friday. But they said staff deemed him well enough to return home.

Ten hours later, his condition deteriorating, they came back. But it was too late to save him. “The system is broken,” his younger brother Raj said.

Narayan, who had five children, died without being admitted to the hospital, or taken to its morgue, meaning his death is unlikely to be officially counted in the city’s rising toll.


Terror probe after police employee stabbed to death near Paris

French prosectors opened a terror probe on Friday after a woman working for the police was stabbed to death at a police station south-west of Paris by a Tunisian man who was then shot dead by the security forces.

A judicial source later said three people had been arrested over the incident and held as part of the “entourage” of the assailant, named as 36-year-old Jamel G.

The attack at the station in Rambouillet, a well-heeled usually peaceful commuter town about 60km from Paris, revived the trauma of a spate of deadly attacks last year in France blamed on Islamist radicals.


Transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner to run for California governor

Olympic champion and Kardashian clan member Caitlyn Jenner said on Friday she has filed paperwork to run for governor of California, in a bid to become the first transgender American to win such a high-profile post.

“I’m in!” the 71-year-old transgender icon and former decathlete said in a statement, adding she will formally launch her campaign – presumably as a Republican – in the coming weeks.

Jenner’s bid is considered a longshot by