While Covid loosens grip, economic offences spike

New Delhi: Cases of economic offences and arrests increased in the city this year compared with 2020. Investigators claimed that when the pandemic was at its peak, fewer economic offences were reported.
Data accessed by TOI revealed that from January to August this year, 143 cases were registered with Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police. About 130 cases were solved and 175 people involved in white-collar crimes were nabbed. During the same period last year, 118 cases were reported of which 105 were solved and 92 people arrested.
People absconding in cases reported in the past years were also arrested this year. “We focused on breaking the chain of fraudsters by arresting all members involved in such cases,” said an officer.
The data showed an increase in realtor-related fraud cases. In the current year, 52 such cases were reported, while there were 31 cases last year. “The builders launched different projects…

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