Where does Winnebago Co. place ‘sexually violent people’? Sheriff explains 980 offenders


(WFRV) – Winnebago County Sheriff John Matz joined Local 5 and talked about Chapter 980 offenders and tax scams in the latest Community Update.

Matz mentioned that Chapter 980 offenders are sexually violent people who were convicted of a sexually violent offense. When their sentence is completed they are placed on a civil commitment to a treatment facility in Mauston. The reason they are committed to that treatment facility is that they are too dangerous to be outright released, said Matz.

What kind of offenses would qualify someone as a 980 offender? Well, Matz says there are multiple offenses, but most of them involve the sexual assault of children or vulnerable adults. Oftentimes they will have more than one offense on more than one occasion.

Matz also talked about a specific offender that is due to get out…

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