What’s Happening in the World Economy: Is the U.S. Economy Echoing the 1960s?


Hello. Today we look at whether the 1960s are being repeated in the U.S. economy, how rural India is suffering and the forecasting history of central banks.

A History Lesson

A new president keen to ease fiscal policy while trying to tackle racial injustice and build a fairer society? Tick

A Federal Reserve chairman satisfied with the course of monetary policy?

A sharply accelerating economy after a period of low inflation?

The parallels between the mid-1960s of Lyndon Johnson and William McChesney Martin and the 2021 of Joe Biden and Jerome Powell are stacking up, as Rich Miller writes.

The lingering worry is, as back then, the current combination of easy monetary and fiscal policies sparks a years-long climb in inflation to double-digit levels the following decade.

Lyndon Johnson delivers remarks on his Great Society program in Michigan in 1964.Photographer:…

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