What the ‘Great Resignation’ Means for the U.S. Economy


By Veronica Carrion
ABA Data Bank

A historic 19 million Americans—amounting to roughly 12 percent of the civilian labor force—quit their jobs between April and the end of August, and many more are looking to make the jump. Nearly half of America’s workers (48 percent) are actively job searching or watching for opportunities, according to Gallup, up from 46 percent in 2019. The trend isn’t just prevalent in one industry; workers in all job categories, from customer service roles to highly professional positions, indicate they were looking to make a switch.

Who is quitting?

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Resignations are apparent in all worker age groups. While younger workers have historically had the highest turnover rates; since 2020, mid-career employees have seen the greatest increase in resignations. The Harvard Business Review found that this age group saw an average increase of more than 20 percent in resignations over the year….

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