What the government has to do to get the economy moving again | Shevaun Haviland


The events of the past week have shown the fragility of the UK’s economic recovery. The issue of labour shortages is nothing new.

Three years ago, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) quarterly economic survey for the fourth quarter of 2018 found 81% of manufacturers were experiencing difficulties in finding the right staff. At the time, this was the joint-highest level since the survey began in 1989.

Undoubtedly, the UK’s exit from the EU and the Covid pandemic have both played their part in exacerbating pre-existing challenges. One event was expected, the other wholly unanticipated. But the challenges and changes brought by both can be addressed through a coherent and coordinated plan for recovery and growth.

As businesses weather the stormy economic conditions created by the pandemic, the BCC has set out a blueprint for economic recovery. Drawn from our collective experience of working with businesses large and small, throughout the UK, the…

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