What Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Slab Foundations


Most houses in the U.S. are built on foundations below grade, but agents should be educated on all types of foundations, including slabs, to be able to answer any buyer questions. Let’s break down what a slab foundation is and why it can be a smart choice.

Knowing a few basic construction principles will serve real estate agents well, making them feel more comfortable and more confident in showings. While it is not required that agents be experts, able to answer highly technical questions, it can make showing more interesting for both you and your buyer.

For example, after you have walked into a kitchen in a showing for the third time with the same set of buyers, it can become tedious as well as redundant to state, “This is the kitchen.” After all, the room has a stove, sink, fridge and hopefully a dishwasher — what else can it be?

Creating a dialogue…

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