What Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Laminate Flooring 


As a real estate agent, it counts to be well-versed on flooring options. Whether they’re selling or buying a home, your clients will appreciate your know-how and expertise in helping them problem-solve flooring issues. 

Residential flooring options were once very simple. Hardwood floors were a standard in living and dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms. Ceramic tile was common in bathrooms, and vinyl tile in kitchens and recreation rooms.

Buyers of new construction were faced with the minimal decision of what stain to use on their wood floors and what color ceramic floor to choose for their bathrooms. Kitchen vinyl tiles offered the biggest selection of colors and in some cases, patterns, too.

That’s different now. Today’s homebuyers are faced with an almost endless selection of flooring materials, the most popular and most durable of which is laminate…

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