What Makes Worthpad Better Than Other DeFi Projects Out There?


Worthpad is a project that is making DeFi accessible to all, investors and developers alike. We reached out to the team and asked a few questions to get to know them better. Here’s how it went.

Q: Let us start by introducing Worthpad to our readers. Can you please give us a short overview of the platform?

A: Worthpad is an innovative, decentralized, multi-chain DeFi platform that makes investing in DeFi and crypto projects easy and accessible for the masses. Worthpad empowers high growth potential crypto projects with the ability to raise liquidity in a fair manner while also developing dedicated communities behind them. Worthpad brings the capabilities of traditional venture capital to $WORTH holders through its innovative use of the best technologies available in the DeFi space. Worthpad offers a professional and hassle-free fundraising environment for innovative projects and a safe investment ecosystem with the unlimited…

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