What is the ‘metaverse’ and how much will it be worth? Depends on whom you ask


What is the “metaverse,” and how lucrative will it be for tech companies? It depends on whom you ask, the corporate equivalent of a Rorschach test.

A generally agreed-upon definition of the concept is a digital experience that blends virtual reality, streaming video, mobile games like Roblox Inc.

and “Fortnite,” cryptocurrencies, social media, 5G, artificial intelligence and email. In short, a Sargasso Sea of tech buzzwords that approximates a digital facsimile of how we live in the physical world.

“It’s like anything in tech: Everyone defines an emerging market that best suits their strengths and needs,” Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst with ZK Research, told MarketWatch. “Whoever wins out invariably turns that experience into their walled garden.”

When Mark Zuckerberg shared his version of Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc.’s

idea of the metaverse last…

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