What Is a Pocket Listing in Real Estate?



Q: When it comes to real estate, I’ve heard the term “pocket listing,” but I’m not entirely clear on what it means. What is a pocket listing, and could one be right for me? 

A: Also known as off-market listings or exclusive listings, pocket listings are handled privately and are not made available to the general public. When sellers sign with a realtor to list their home in a standard listing, they agree to the practices that agents typically use to promote and sell a home. This includes listing the home on the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS.

An MLS listing allows both potential buyers and other realtors to view the listing online on home selling sites. Homes that are not shared on an MLS are known as pocket listings.

what is a pocket listing


A pocket listing is a real estate listing that’s kept private.

Rather than relying on public marketing, pocket listings are handled privately by the realtor and seller. The two parties agree on the…

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