What does $330K get you in Charlotte’s real estate market?


Photo: Courtesy of John Kurtz

The median home sales price in the Charlotte region was $331.5K in August, and we wanted to see what you get for that price in our tight real estate market.

Here’s a comparison of three homes that recently sold for around $330K in different Charlotte neighborhoods.

Note: Days on the market for this story were calculated from date listed and date sold as reported on Redfin. All homes have sold within the last month.

South End/Dilworth | 1 beds, 1 baths | 1,001 square feet

Features: Loft layout, tons of natural light, ground-floor entry, walkable location near Poppy’s Bagels and Atherton.

Days on the market: 34

Asking price: $325,000

Sold for: $325,000

Listing Agent: Todd Wise and Blake Benfield at Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

Old Stone Crossing/Caldwell Creek | 3 beds, 2.5 baths | 1,692 square feet

Features: Formal dining room and…

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