What do astronauts need to do extravehicular activity? -Technology News, Firstpost


June 25, Astronauts Shane Kimbro and Tomas Specke Completed successfully Nearly 7 hours EVA (Extravehicular Activity or Space Swimming) to install solar panels on the International Space Station. What do you need to wear a spacesuit and take on such technical and dangerous missions? Surprisingly, one of the main criteria (except for years of astronaut training) is body size.

Each suit is a human-shaped spacecraft, featuring a backpack that houses life support systems. A layered pressurized jacket to protect astronauts from the space environment. “Long John” underwear that circulates cold water over the body through a tube to prevent astronauts from getting too hot in the suit. Image Credit: NASA

EVA features blossomed during the NASA Space Shuttle era. Astronauts rode a robotic arm, floated tetherlessly in the air using a jet pack, surrounded the satellites by hand, and built the International Space…

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