What a Texas law reveals about America’s socio-political anxieties


I inwardly breathe a weary, cyclone-force sigh whenever I hear the words “critical race theory.”

Take what’s happening in Texas. This week, a social studies law inspired by the political right’s backlash to CRT went into effect, circumscribing how educators in the state can talk about race and racism.

“This is very clearly an attack on diversity, equity (and) inclusion. It very much feels like a political overreach based on misinformation,” Ana RamĂłn, deputy director of advocacy at the Intercultural Development Research Association, told CNN’s Nicole Chavez. “Teaching critical race theory in K-12 would be like teaching quantum physics in K-12. … There’s no curriculum that has been adopted in Texas classrooms.”

Maybe the most disturbing thing about the tub-thumping about CRT (which, it’s worth repeating, isn’t taught in grade school) is that the core impulse is hardly new — but instead fits into a long, messy history of fights over classroom…

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