Wendy’s Teams With Google Cloud


Today in restaurant and grocery tech news, Wendy’s partners with Google Cloud for comprehensive digital solutions, and Stop & Shop teams up with Instacart for 30-minute fulfillment. Plus, Brian LeVee, VP of Product at BentoBox, speaks with PYMNTS about how restaurants’ digital shift has left their preordering businesses by the wayside.

Why Debit Use Is Soaring in the Restaurant and Hospitality Sector

The pandemic not only forced the closure of restaurants in March 2020 but also effectively shut down the use of cash. Eight percent of U.S. businesses went cashless at the pandemic’s onset amid initial concerns about its potential to spread the virus, and that number soared to 31% by the end of April. The cash ban leveled off at 20% by September 2020, but its impact on debit cards — the chief beneficiary of the retreat from paper money — was momentous.

Wendy’s-Google Cloud Combo Aims to Level up Digital Offerings at QSRs

To stand out in the…

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