‘We need to produce more entrepreneurs than hustlers’


Mohan Guruswamy, Former Economic Advisor, Government of India, said, “Urbanisation will re-shape the world, the more we urbanise; the more we grow,” at the 31st webinar conducted on November 19, 2021. The discussion was held on the topic “Crisis in World Financial Management: Implications for growth for Indian Business.”

Guruswamy, in his speech, explained the world economic scenario through a detailed presentation with all the latest trends. He observed that “the current economic situation of the world is quite healthy and so are the prospects of India’s financial growth. The world trade is 37.7 per cent and growing at 2.6 per cent per year. During the last decade, India contributed at 9.9 per cent to the world economy and is placed sixth at the moment”.

“India has $640 trillion as foreign reserves as on November 12, 2021” said Guruswamy. “India’s middle class will rise rapidly in next five years and it will compete with some large…

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