We can sustainably end the pandemic with 7.2 billion vaccine courses a year: Chicago Booth’s Eric Budish

Eric Budish teaches economics at Chicago University’s Booth School of Business. Speaking to Srijana Mitra Das, Budish discusses the costs and benefits of building swift Covid-19 vaccination capacity:

Q. What is the core of your new research on managing the pandemic most sustainably?

A. My research is with a team of collaborators led by Michael Kremer. Our main point is that Covid-19 vaccine capacity is enormously valuable because it enables the pandemic to be ended much sooner. The economic value of this is in fact astonishingly large — we estimate that each course of vaccine capacity (which is two doses per person) is actually worth 6,000 dollars on average while it costs just a few dollars.

This is so valuable because the global economy has suffered enormously during the pandemic with costs in four major dimensions — economic, hea lth, human capital and the loss of social happiness and joy.

Vaccination is the way out of this situation. Hence,…

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